Mission Statement

The Mission of RAME Contracting is to be the contractor and employer of choice. To be good stewards to our team members. To see the highest standards of ethics, quality, and safety. To achieve a fair balance of responsibility, profitability, and citizenship. And to conduct our business with Christian values. 

Core Values

  • Work Ethic
    • We will always show up for work and give 110%
  • Accountability
    • We will always be mindful that we are held accountable to God's standards and thus lead ourselves and RAME with the highest integrity
  • Communication
    • We will keep our team and customers informed and up-to-date with where we are headed and how we are going to get there
  • Safety
    • We will ensure each and every team member will go home each and every night
  • Commitment
    • We will commit to provide each team member with the tools and opportunity to make the most of their time and effort
  • Trust
    • We will ensure that each customer and team member believes that what we say is exactly what we will perform and do. 
  • Teamwork
    • We will all work together to make sure we support the people that count us and provide them with what they need to get their job done
  • Excellence
    • We will always strive to give our customers the excellent product that they are paying for; we will always perform with excellence towards our team members
  • Passion
    • When you care about what you do, you bring the energy to do it
  • Respect
    • We will always treat each other with the upmost respect. Do unto others as you would have done to you.